How To Resolve Ipm_subtree Folder Archive Error

Recently, some users have encountered a known error code in the ipm_subtree error log folder. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will review them now.

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    I have a workstation where the AutoArchive event is receiving the following error,

    Error archiving folder ‘IPM_SUBTREE’ is stored in ‘John Smith’s Mailbox’. You have proved yourself that you are trying to archive the best personal Microsoft Outlook 97-2002 (.PST) file folders that are not in Unicode format files. To store multilingual data, customers must select a Unicode data archive, such as the Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folders (.PST) file.

    The file you also want to zip is any old personal desktop file. Try creating a new archive folder and select the Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) file for file types. Then configure the archive to use the new data file.file

    In ipm_subtree, you can also see an error code that indicates a failed check. usually It turns out that there are several ways to solve this condition, so we’ll talk about this a bit later.


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    I have r A side station that literally uses Um AutoArchive Error

    Save the IPM_SUBTREE folder in the two corrupted stores, the John Smith Store. You are trying to archive data in a Microsoft Outlook 97-2002 Absolute Personal (folder.pst) file. See also This is the best non-unicode file. To store multilingual data, you must manually use a Unicode data file, such as the fancy Microsoft Office Outlook Personal Folders (.PST) file.

    Hello, You are probably saving this file, an old professional personal file on the Internet. Try a modern zipped folder and select “Personal Interests From Folder File” (.PST) as the application choice. Then configure the archive to use the new data file. Open

    1. and exchange Powershell for an Exchange server in that region. Run
    2. the most important commands below from someone else and then replace with the superuser account. The superuser is an account that all services must have. In the archive, the remaining formation manager is correct.

    Add-RoleGroupMember “Manage an organizationion only through the previous

    I would say

    Get-MailboxDatabase | Add-adpermission -user SUPERUSER -AccessRights – extendedright ExtendedRights Receive-As, ms-Exch-Store-Admin

    1. Open PowerShell Tune (can be on the server or in a repository on any workstation)
    2. Connect powershell to Office 365 using the following commands:

    $LiveCred means getting credentials

    $session=New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri $ -credential livecred -Authentication Basic Import-PSSession $>


    error archiving folder ipm_subtree


    [email protected] for the call address of your superuser account after the most expensive maintenance. Typically, the superuser is an account that is specifically configured with professional all Archive Manager services.

    Get-Mailbox Unlimited -resultsize -Filter(RecipientTypeDetails “UserMailbox”) -eq | Add-MailboxPermission -User [email protected] -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType all $False

    Note -automapping. If you have permissions, you need administrative access, although you will get the same error as when you try to access your mailbox. To admin Strateurs could successfully access mailboxes, follow these open steps:

    1. eg registry editor and update HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Computer>SOFTWARE>Wow6432Node>Metalogix>ExchangePAM.
    2. Find and open search MAPIUSEADMINPRIVILEGES, change its value from 7 to
    3. < li >Check all restart services for Metalogix Archive Manager Exchange for.

    Note. As a general rule, admin access should only be used if the Idea superuser is not a member of the Domain Admins group. We strongly discourage that the superuser account be owned by domain administrators

    I don’t know what happens when most people can also accidentally change their rules in Outlook/, but women desperately need my help finding missing emails and applying their rules. were definitely spoiled

    error archiving folder ipm_subtree

    The complaint looks like this: My e-mail does not reach the mailbox. When I search for these items, the IPM_Subtree directory. If the user is using a POP account and may have a large PST archive, most of the folder oncalled “Top with Outlook Data File”

    linked” IPM_Subtree (or Top of Information Store or Top, with a linked Outlook data file) is your current top level. Folders and start data that usually display some type of personal Outlook Today blog. Messages received there can be received in two ways: you may have somehow moved them to this address list, or you may have accidentally forwarded an email there.

    Getting emails from is probably never difficult; It doesn’t require much use of third party software or MFCMAPI (unlike some points and strategies circulating on the internet). Just “Today”, turn off especially “All Outlook”, then use the “Move to” command to put them back in your inbox and immediately turn Outlook “Today” back on again.If

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    Outlook Today disables launching tn post office, Sent Items folder shows as:

    Before moving emails to your » inbox, review your suggestions and make sure all messages are » The emails that were prompted were obviously moved voicemail messages that would fit in the expected folder.

    To keep control of Outlook Today and move messages:

    1. all Click a folder in our navigation area and select properties (or file properties data).

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