The Best Way To Solve The Problem Of Stuck Boot Disk

If you’re getting the “Startup Disk Stuck” error message on your PC, check out these troubleshooting ideas.

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process
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    If your computer keeps stalling at startup, it could be a problem with the data on the hard drive or the hard drive itself is faulty. Problems with logical data can be corrected; Mechanical damage to the hard drive may not be possible, although data can be recovered.


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  • MB: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
    Memory: Total two x “Ballistix 8GB Sport LT” DDR4 2666MHz

    boot disk freezes

    Hi everyone,
    I saw this on the web in a different place, but I saw that you were the best, so I returned to this

    Yesterday my laptop or computer froze while watching TV. I did a hard reset and/or haven’t even populated windows since. It hangs right on the automatic “Preparing Recovery” screen, or maybe just the Windows Ten logo.

    I read somewhere that this error is most often caused by a bad hard drive, so I checked that it booted from both Windows 10 and Ubuntu USB branches (when that didn’t work, I even tried partitioning my SSD andspruce hard drives). to be sure) always hangs when entering the OS.

    However, it looks like I could go to the BIOS menu forever and not freeze the computer.

    boot disk freezes

    I suspect it’s probably a RAM problem, but I’m not sure. It would be great if you could think about it. Wouldn’t there also be a beep, a kind of warning, if the RAM is broken? What does your organization think, I currently have an exclusive brick?

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  • Select My Computer (This PC), then locate your hard drive and right-click it. Then select Tools Properties >>. Click the “Check” button.

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    As a result, the scanning process should The company drive is checked and fixed for simple errors.Itemprop=”replyToUrl”>#3


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  • The thing is, I can’t scan the tape because I can’t insert windows! I can’t even in safe mode.

    There really isn’t much to do other than move around like equipment. I think I can plug the drive into a working computer, but would even a dedicated bootable SSD work for me? Also, any tips on why a corrupted drive won’t even boot from USB?


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  • Since starta new operation is not possible, it must be difficult.

    The obvious first question is: are you sure the USB was bootable?

    If you are using a Linux-like distribution, one of the specific PUPs will run in RAM.

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  • How do I fix BIOS freeze?


  • local time: disable secure boot in To boot bios from non-UEFI flash drive. I would first download Hiren’s boot CD everything and your own downloads.

    You can run Speccy from the Hirens boot CD. Go to the download end pages and get the HBCD_PE_x64.iso file. Follow the instructions at the top of this page to burn to a bootable CD or create a USB flash drive. I hope you have another computer that can install this.

    Attention! Hirens may take up to 7 minutest to start some computers.

    Speccy is in the same folder as this tool. Open the menu and type Speccy to find it. Follow this GUIDE and post the link here.

    While in Hirens, you should copy all your movies to an external device so that you can fix a too clean installation if necessary. I’m trying

    What to do if laptop hangs while starting?

    If you don’t answer right away, I’m waiting for an update for Windows 10.

    “I once spent two hours on the phone waiting to speak to HP customer support to complain about HP customer service.” -Doctor Cooper


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  • I can see the feel, and that I’ve made progress (albeit quite a bit). I reinstalled the good old RAM, but that didn’t fix (although I still suspect that’s the problem) yours. I was able to open it after the visit happened on Windows (although I rebooted to try and replicate some behavior that didn’t work anymore), and yet I’m mostly stuck as I freeze vegetables pasted on the Windows logo.< /p>

    Why does my computer freeze while booting up?

    I was able to make sure you run Hiren’s BootCD as suggested by pcpunk, that it runs long enough to take a snapshot related to my specs before crashing. Here they are: http://speccy.piriform.i com/results/86z7u262v4f8htxb8z0hjz1

    Then thought I had a small Linux distribution based on what aldfort suggested. This has taken me one step further, as I can run the shell-only version of most Linux for longer than with the GUI. But the console mode also freezesyea after a while. An interesting reminder: it seems that the “Run from RAM” option hangs faster than the others.

    Why does my computer freeze while booting up?

    A stuck boot process can be a sign that your hardware is performing poorly. Hard drive problems corrupt data and prevent the operating system from, underpowered or faulty processor.

    Finally, the Ramdisk option of the fossapup64 9.5 shell gives me time for the Initramfs” “shell. It seems to be the one he’s been working on the longest, hasn’t run it in a few hours yet. From there I tried the fdisk -l command My company is not an expert, but it looks like you need to get the correct working table from my partition.

    How do I fix BIOS freeze?

    Restart or restart your computer.Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to Load Defaults, Load Defaults, Optimized Reset, or another option of the same name.

    Click here to get a complimentary download that will help you optimize your PC.

    How do I fix my boot drive?

    Normal boot of the system from the installation media, taking into account the installed Windows version.On the Windows screen, select Install Next >.If you select Troubleshoot, select Troubleshooting screenOn the advanced options, select Startup Repair.

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